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Vancouver Pizza Joints

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Foodcog has just learned that superstar celebrity chef Mario Batali has released a cookbook based on the menu of his venerable OTTO restaurant.

OTTO, for those who don’t know, is one of the few places it’s possible to get good olive oil flavoured gelato. Foodcog is hoping that Chef Batali provides complete instructions for making said delicious Olive Oil Gelato at home, along with instructions for baking good authentic pizza in home ovens that top out at 450c.

OTTO, additionally, happens to be what Foodcog thinks of as a nearly perfect modern North American pizza joint: casual, affordable, delicious, and preferably owned by a celebrity chef who has banned another celebrity chef from ever entering any of his restaurants.

This brings a ponder: Can one get a similar excellent sit-down pizza experience in Vancouver or does Foodcog have to hitchhike to NYC? Foodcog’s mental restaurant rolodex survey suggests:

  • Italian restaurant La Quercia rocks, but doesn’t serve pizza, and is too fancy.
  • Foodcog has never been to La Buca, but a look at the online menu says no pizza, and therefore, no reason to go, once again.
  • Cioppinos is widely heralded as a great Vancouver Italian Enoteca, but the current menu is pizza-less. Where’s the pizza, ‘Pino?
  • Italian Kitchen & Trattoria is a little too upscale for what we’re looking for here. Foodcog spent $40 for two at OTTO – Both Italian Kitchens would charge somewhere between double and triple, and the pizza still wouldn’t be as good.
  • Incendio is definitely casual, definitely pizza, but also definitely questionable. Although Foodcog enjoyed Incendio 3 years ago, Memories and palates can change. Foodcog will have to go to Incendio to find out.

This is a topic Foodcog will explore in the near future (as Foodcog is craving a good pizza). C’mon Vancouver, there’s definitely room for a comfy, trendy, down-home, casual Italian Pizzeria here. Maybe the next Gordon Ramsay Vancouver rumour can be a pizza joint. That would be fitting.  (Grub Street NYC)

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November 24th, 2009 at 9:50 am

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