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Guu on Thurlow

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They even have their own drinks


Summary: Guu is Guu’d. The Best Lunch in Vancouver.

  • Go here for: incredible japanese food with huge depth of flavour
  • Avoid: this place if you are short on time

Guu is a Vancouver institution that needs no introduction, at least around these parts. Guu has been around for decades and still has lineups every night. It should be noted that although Guu has 4 locations, each one is different and gets you a slightly different menu. Choose carefully. Today we are talking about Guu on Thurlow, otherwise known as Original Guu.

While all the Guus in town are pretty damn good, Guu on Thurlow offers one thing that the other Guus don’t: A fantastic and yummy lunch deal. Lunch at Guu on Thurlow can be had for under $10, which is fantastic for a Japanese restaurant in this city.

SO, the recommendations:

Nobu Matsuhisa calls mackerel the true test of a Japanese chef, because its flavour is dependent on the talent, not how expensive the fish was. This is incredibly ironic for a man who is infamous for serving super expensive endangered bluefin tuna at his restaurants.

Guu, on the other hand, serves up a delicious & simple Grilled Saba with Rice ($8). The skin of the fish is grilled to a beautiful crisp finish and delicate moist white meat with loads of depth and a pleasant earthy mackerel-ey finish. Guu balances the richness of the mackerel with traditional pickled mystery veg (it’s different each time), miso soup, and the requisite bowl of rice. This is as Japanese as you can get (they don’t actually eat sushi that much) and its delicious. Foodcog gets this everytime he goes to Guu.

Sitting at the bar is highly recommended, because then you can see the mastery and professionalism of Guu’s Japanese short order chefs. These chefs routinely cook up your order on woks fired by 4 foot high flames. Foodcog personally saw one of the chefs splash hot oil on himself and just laugh it off. These guys are tough and entertaining to watch. They’re so tough that when Chuck Norris comes in for dinner, he doesn’t order his food, they order him to eat.

They need to be that tough, because people complain.

Some people complain that Guu is overly short-staffed during lunch, and they also complain about the general amount of time it takes to have lunch, because they are so short staffed. These people are crazy, Foodcog respects the ability of four people (two cooks, two servers) to run a completely full 40 seat restaurant for two hours, and the huge profitability that can bring.

Foodcog doesn’t live in fear of the tyrannical whip of the evil clock, but his advice for those who do is simple. Even if you only have a 30 min lunch, as long as you work downtown, Guu is worth it and only 10 mins from most.

So here’s what to do if you don’t have time:

  1. Use the website link at the bottom to figure out what you want.
  2. Call this number and order it, they will tell you to come in 15 mins: 604-685-8817
  3. Walk/Run/Drive there as fast as you can.
  4. Get your food (and tip something!)
  5. Sit down on the sidewalk curb right outside and eat.
  6. 10 mins later, saunter back to the office, satisfied and sated.

There is nothing that tastes better or is more satisfying than eating a delicious lunch in front of the very same people waiting in line for that lunch! Be sure to make it seem as delicious as possible.

When going to Guu, Guu’s website suggests:

This is a short trip to Tokyo.
Don’t worry about things in your life.
Get drunk and have fun! Our friendly staffs will help you to forget everything!

Foodcog Agrees.

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Written by Foodcog

November 26th, 2009 at 2:39 pm