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foodcogWho are you, Foodcog?

Foodcog is just a boy who loves food and drink. Foodcog is also a compulsive researcher, verbose writer, absent minded diner, and international man of mystery.

What is this site?

This site would like to be like any other vancouver food blog, but unfortunately, because Foodcog doesn’t take photos while eating (or if you want to be honest, even so much as mental notes) there aren’t many pictures or detailed descriptions of dishes.

Mostly, this is due to Foodcog being too busy stuffing his face and guzzling wine and other booze to remember such details as blogging or being good company to his dining companions. Where possible, Foodcog will come back another day to take photos or try dishes again.

It’s probably better to think of this site as a food metablog. Foodcog will give you his thoughts on places, but also link you to quality blog reviews that covers the restaurant in depth.

Is Foodcog a foodie?

No, Foodcog has a horrible palate and can’t tell the difference between eggplant and aubergine.

Foodcog leaves the highbrow foodism to real Food Bloggers. If this site was an episode of Iron Chef America, food bloggers would be superstar judge Jeffrey Steingarten (The Man Who Ate Everything), whereas Foodcog would prefer to be the encyclopedic Alton Brown.

In reality Foodcog is probably closer to being the Chairman – a pretentious fraud who uses colourful acrobatics and fancy french words to hide his total lack of knowledge of elevated food. Mon Dieu!

Why did you start this site?

Foodcog is blessed with being able to eat out many times a week. Foodcog is also blessed (possibly not the right word) with a horrible memory of restaurants and recipes. This site is so Foodcog can remember good restaurants in Vancouver, Foodcog’s hometown, and elsewhere.

Like all the food bloggers who try to blog their way through a cookbook, its hoped that this site will give Foodcog a motivation to eat his way through vancouver (although, like a cookbook, foodcog is going to skip the restaurant versions of weird recipes that require pig’s gall bladder and the simply boring standbys).

Does Foodcog always refer to himself in the third person?

No, only sometimes and inconsistently, like Ma$e. Also, mostly only while writing about pages.

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November 24th, 2009 at 9:50 am

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